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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ramadan Diary: Post #5

This RD post will be a little different than what I've been posting lately--it will be more of a personal reflection.  As I was doing some personal reading (article's and Islamic books), I came across some information about Prophet Mohammad (saw) mainly through hadith (sunnah of the Prophet (saw)), that gave me insight into living a more successful everyday life.

Lately, I've been a little withdrawn from friends and family, because I decided that I wanted to live a more "religious" lifestyle where I focus most of my time in religious activities (prayer, dhikr, etc.) and educating myself on Islam. And while I was living this lifestyle I started to feel as if something was missing in my everyday life--I felt empty inside as if there was something I was not understanding completely.  I spent some time praying about it and asked Allah to guide me, and of course I pondered and reflected on my life as to what I need to do or improve.

Then, yesterday it came to me through reading hadiths and other Islamic articles about the Prophet (saw) about how the Prophet (saw) wasn't only successful in his religious life but also in his secular life.  I realized that before Prophet Mohammad (saw) received the Quran as a revelation, he was a successful tradesman in the Arab lands and came to be known as Al-Amin (The honest one)-- he was always known as one who dealt with everyone in a honest, friendly, caring and loving manner in all his work.

(More information about Prophet Mohammad (saw) can be read in the following link: Prophet Mohammad as the most influencial man in history )

So, what did I gain from learning about the most beloved Prophet (saw), and his everyday life, and how it applied to me?  Well, I learned that I need to try my hardest to be successful in both my "religious life" and also in my "everyday or secular life".  Learning about the Prophet's (saw) life and how he lived showed me that I shouldn't just isolated myself to live a "strictly religious" lifestyle--because the Prophet (saw) didn't spend every moment of his life fasting & praying but also spent time with friends and family.  Therefore, everything around me needs to be observed with balance, and with all people around me I need to practice the sunnah of the Prophet (saw) and live as he lived to the best of my ability. 

Lastly, I also believe that when we really want an answer for something from Allah and you look hard enough, Allah will show you or give you the answer.  Remember: When you take one step towards Allah, Allah takes two steps closer to you.

Fi Amaan Allah (May you be in the protection of Allah)

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