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Monday, September 7, 2009

Ramadan Post: #10

Assalam u alaikum!

Can you believe that we are already going into third week of Ramadan?  It seems to be flying by.  I don't know about you but for me around this time I start to feel like I haven't done enough during this blessed month.  I always try, but there is always more I feel I can do.  I've been having this guilty feeling-- more than usual this year-- because I started taking classes to start on my master's (alhamdulillah), however with classes being very demanding and a test lurking around the corner I started stressing myself out--mostly because of the fear of failing my test since my study habits are a bit out of sync.  While feeling this overwhelming feeling, I started to reflect, and realized that while passing my test for class is important passing my test for reaching jannah is much more important.  I realized that at the end of the day my goal in life--my ultimate goal--is to reach jannat-ul-firdous.  I started to realize that if tomorrow was the last day on Earth, what will I have to show to Allah (swt)?  I realized that this blessed month of Ramadan only comes around once a year, and I should try my hardest to please Allah (swt) because who knows if we will be lucky enough to experience Ramadan next year?  Therefore, I reminded myself that while my studies are important, Ramadan should be my priority during this time.  And anyways, it is Allah (swt) who makes us successful in everything we try to accomplish in this life whether it be for dunya (this world) or akhira (hereafter).

Edit to this post: I was reminded by a friend that it's always our intentions in whatever we pursue that matter most.  Therefore, even though I have to spend some more time studying this month I shouldn't feel bad because after all we are encouraged "to seek knowledge"  and our intentions have to be in the right place. 

So, I realized once again, that an extreme of any one thing is never good, and therefore we should all aspire to keep a balanced lifestyle in all that we pursue-- and of course, that can be a challenge in itself. 

Also, wanted to remind everyone that the beginning of Ramadan is to ask Allah (swt) for his mercy, the middle is to ask for forgiveness, and the last part is to ask for salvation from the hell-fire.

May this Ramadan be blessed with all the best for you and your family.  Ameen.  Please remember my in your duas/prayers.  Jazzak Allah Khairun.

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  1. As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah!! insha'Allah, you and your family are well!! Sister, I love coming to your page...it's soo soothing* AL hamdulillah for everything!


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