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Friday, September 11, 2009

Ramadan Post: #12--Abayas! Abayas! Abayas!

Assalam u Alaikum & Happy Jummah to Everyone!

Ever since Ramadan started I've been in a bit of dilemma of what to wear every time I go to the masjid for either iftars and taraweeh prayers.  While I don't want to look like I'm going to a fancy party, I also don't want to look like I just  just rolled out of bed.  Previous years, I've mostly worn my traditional Pakistani outfits, which are loose and casual enough for a masjid, however this year I seemed to be running out of clothes faster, and my priority right now isn't trying to find the next cute outfits to wear to the masjid.

That brings me to abayas! =) I've never owned an abaya, even though I've always liked them and thought about buying one for myself.  Then this year while going to a taraweeh prayers I noticed my sister started wearing a cute abaya, and of course I wanted one too.  Not only because there are so many pretty abaya's out there for reasonable prices (and some very expensive ones), but because most of all it takes the guess work out of what to wear to the masjid especially in Ramadan when you don't have time to be coming up with a new outfit to wear everyday but still want to look put together.

So, while I started looking for a nice, everyday wear abaya, I noticed some were very expensive, and since I'm not employed right now I wanted something reasonably priced.  I came across some in Amazon.com--Abayas section.  I had no idea they sold abaya's and actually for a reasonable price.  I found five that I liked for under $40 each!

From the five below, which ones do you like and which one do you recommend I get? =)


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