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Monday, September 7, 2009

Ramadan Post: #11

Salam Readers!

This post is going to be about "intentions" a topic that has been coming up in my interaction with people several times this Ramadan.

As Muslims we always have to remember that our "intentions" matter a whole lot in everything we do.  Especially when dealing with people, and with personal activities as well.  If we have pure intention when starting anything--whatever it may be--Allah will bless us with something great in return.

Yesterday, while I was at the Masjid waiting for Taraweeh prayer to start a women came in with a beautiful floral, almost jasmine mixed with some other beautiful and delicious things scent that got all the ladies in the room mesmerized--literally.  One lady asked the lady with the amazing scent what it was, if it was a non-alcoholic perfume or ether or splash or something else.  The nice smelling lady gladly shared the perfume bottle, and very frankly said "sisters, it doesn't matter what scent it is, whether it has alcohol or not, or if it's ether or something else, what matter is the "intention" you put it on with.  You need to have good intentions."

After she said that, I reflected--of course, (I know some people will argue that women shouldn't put on any kind of perfume except for the husbands--but this is not about that) that even the smallest thing you do, if you do it with pure intentions and to please Allah--and only Allah-- than Allah will greatly reward you.  That's just how the blessing and mercy of Allah (swt) works.  He knows what's in your hearts.  Allah hu Akbar (Allah is great).

Ma Salama!

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  1. Very true, sis. And the question of perfume has been a long and fire-y debate in the Muslim world and especially among women of all walks of life. Looking at it from this angle, from the window of intentions, is really constructive, because in the end, Allah swt looks at intentions too, if not first, and that's really what shapes our soul much more than anything else.... humbly speaking.

    Best salams sweety


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