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Monday, September 7, 2009

Ramadan Post: #9

Assalam u alaikum!

SubhanAllah it's the blessed month of Ramadan, and every Ramadan I try to educate myself as much as possible about Islam by reading the Qur'an in both English and Arabic translation, I read books about various Islamic topics and I also try to watch/listen to lectures about Ramadan.

One beneficial vlog I have come across this Ramadan is from the Muslimmatters.org site.  The site currently has a Ramadan Seminar with Imam AbdulNasir and Nouman Ali Khan.  This vlog is a four session seminar which covers topics on making the best of Ramadan, fiqh of fasting, Taraweeh, and reconnecting with the Qur'an.

You can find the seminar through the following link Muslim Matters: Ramadan Seminar.

InshahAllah it's of benefit to you this Ramadan.

Ma salama.

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